Nov. 11, 2023 — Attend: Bruker SfN Satellite Symposium: Unleashing the Potential of Multimodal Fluorescence Imaging

June 20, 2023 — New Bruker Webinar: Advanced Multilayered Solutions for Successful Calcium Imaging

May 11, 2023 — New Insights Webinar: Manuel Mameli – Computation of aversion in the habenula

Miniscope — A New Approach to Understanding and Healing the Brain

Inscopix is empowering researchers in academia and industry with a pioneering neural circuit approach, to improve our understanding of the brain and accelerate therapeutic development for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Miniscope System

Miniscope Platforms

nVue System, nVista System, nVoke System

Miniscope solutions for dual color imaging, single color imaging and optogenetic manipulation of neural circuits.

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Multimodal Image Integration System

Multimodal Integration

Integrated Technologies

Solutions to combine technologies and methods for a deeper understanding of the brain.

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Data Analysis Software Solutions

Data Analysis Solutions

Software and Analysis

Powerful software to streamline transformation of datasets into deeper insights.

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Empowering Neuroscience Discovery Worldwide

Immerse yourself in our rich catalog of neuroscience content and join our growing community of passionate circuit neuroscientists, including miniscope researchers and beyond.

Your favorite research topics, customer stories and neuroscience discoveries at-a-glance.

Catch up on the latest scientific advances of the Inscopix research community.

Enabling Success

Inscopix is your partner for neural circuit discoveries. From experimental design to data analysis, from grant assistance to manuscript submission, our world-class scientific support team is committed to accelerating your imaging success.

Technical Support
Scientific Consultation and System Support

Field Scientific Consultants
Personalized Visits Maximize Imaging Success

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Inscopix iQ
A central location for all your Inscopix circuit neuroscience needs

Trusted by the Neuroscience Community

Researchers around the world, from Nobelists to early career investigators, and from academia to industry, are using Inscopix miniscope platforms to push the frontiers of brain science.







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