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The central amygdala controls learning in the lateral amygdala


Authors: Kai Yu, Sandra Ahrens, Xian Zhang, Hillary Schiff, Charu Ramakrishnan, Lief Fenno, Karl Deisseroth, Fei Zhao, Min-Hua Luo, Ling Gong, Miao He, Pengcheng Zhou, Liam Paninski, Bo Li
Publication: Nature Neuroscience
Date: October 23, 2017
Link to article: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41593-017-0009-9?__hssc=91116613.37.1608871335…


Experience-driven synaptic plasticity in the lateral amygdala is thought to underlie the formation of associations between sensory stimuli and an ensuing threat. However, how the central amygdala participates in such a learning process remains unclear. Here we show that PKC-δ-expressing central amygdala neurons are essential for the synaptic plasticity underlying learning in the lateral amygdala, as they convey information about the unconditioned stimulus to lateral amygdala neurons during fear conditioning.

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