Quartet System

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Quartet is an ultra-light flexible fiber bundle for central or peripheral microscopic imaging in vivo.

The Quartet system enables simultaneous calcium imaging of multiple brain regions in freely behaving animals facilitating greater functional insights.

  • Image up to four brain region fields of view (FOV) simultaneously within an imaging session
  • Record longitudinally over time, from hard-to-reach regions at an angle
  • Explore unique neurobehavioral hypotheses in neonates and/or other non-rodent species in combination with other modalities (e.g. EEG, fMRI)
Quartet System

Special Multi-Region Miniscope Applications

Advanced integrated imaging applications for your neuroscience research

Social Interaction
Social Interactions

Multi-region miniscope imaging permits simultaneous recording from animal pairs in social interaction studies with minimal interference.

High Throughput
High Throughput

Multi-region miniscope imaging facilitates high throughput screening of up to four animals at a time for preclinical studies with free behavior.

Water Experiments
Water Experiments

The multi-region miniscope design places the electronics away from the animal’s head facilitating various water behavioral assays.


The four lightweight and flexible optical fiber bundles weigh less than 1.5g in total, which minimizes interference with natural animal behaviors.

Multi-Region Data Processing

Quartet multi-region data acquisition

Streamline your multi-region miniscope Ca2+ imaging data analysis with specialized software

  • Control multi-region data collection and synchronization; identify active neurons and manually extract ROIs from each miniscope FOV
  • Each frame is automatically time-stamped and saved in a format chosen by the user
  • Export images and traces in .png and .csv format for further graphic and secondary analysis
  • Compatible with Inscopix Data Processing Software (IDPS) for ROI identification and Ca2+ signal extraction

The Multi-Region Miniscope Solution

Advanced customizable solutions to enable your multi-region imaging during free behavior easier.

Lenses and Accessories

Achieve Ca2+ imaging results quickly with lens connectors using GRINTECH lenses as a packaged solution for multi-region miniscope imaging. The Piccolo lens holder accessory ensures reproducible imaging success.

Device Synchronization

CHRONOSync – A synchronization and time tagging device for multiple events during a behavioral experiment. Compatible with the Quartet system, any behavioral, ephys system, or camera of choice.

Multiscope Support
Service and Support

Support services for the Quartet system include: hands-on-surgical training, neuronal trace extraction support, and device synchronization with other behavior equipment.

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