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A Neural Circuit Link Between Anxiety, Stress and Altered Eating

Do you stress eat? Based on biology, it’s no wonder our emotions are so tightly linked to feeding. Imagine when we foraged for food away from shelter and into potentially dangerous territories. Feeding has evolved to be tightly linked to our emotions, and the biological systems that control feeding also regulate responses to stressful situations.

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Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in November 2017

Every month we pool together some of the most read-worthy papers in neural circuits, and for the month of November, we have another impressive list. Please have a look, and as always, your feedback on these studies or others that didn’t make our list but make yours are welcome! (As it were, Neuron published today

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Inscopix @ Neuroscience 2017

It’s been five years since our very first SfN – New Orleans 2012. I still fondly remember that first SfN. There were five of us, and that was the entire company. We launched nVista that year, our first product based on the miniature, integrated microscope for large-scale calcium imaging in freely behaving rodents that we’d

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Inscopix partners with Charles River to provide neural circuit insights to pharma via contract research

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As part of Inscopix’s pursuit to expand the boundaries of neural circuit research, Inscopix has engaged a key partnership with Brains On-Line, a Charles River Company, to advance the application of neural circuit mapping technology into the pharmaceutical contract research organization (CRO) market. In August, Charles River

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Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in October 2017

October brought with it cooler air and many more amazing neural circuit papers! Three of the papers on our must-read list used Inscopix nVista technology in freely behaving mice. We scour the journals and put links here for your convenience. Enjoy! 1. Parvalbumin and Somatostatin Interneurons Control Different Space-Coding Networks in the Medial Entorhinal Cortex

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Ed Boyden: Creating Tools and Disrupting Neuroscience

“I think we ought to integrate the maps of the brain, the dynamics of the brain, and the ability to control the brain into single coherent datasets” ~ Ed Boyden, MIT Near the end of 2015, Dr. Ed Boyden of MIT Media lab, McGovern Institute, and Synthetic Neurobiology Group, was awarded the Breakthrough Prize in

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Social Experience as the Sculptor of Conspecific Sex Representation in the Brain

A mouse’s ability to differentiate male mice from female mice results from neural circuits that are hardwired in the hypothalamus of the brain, or at least that’s what neuroscientists thought. Because the hypothalamus is an evolutionarily ancient structure, and is also involved in instinctive behaviors like feeding, mating and aggression are considered innate behaviors in

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Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in September 2017

September went by way too quickly, but at least there was plenty of great neural circuit research published in September to read. Congrats to all the authors! There are very interesting papers on social behavior and female aggression, and on dopamine neurons in disease and locomotion, plus many others! 1. Gating of social reward by

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Ed Callaway on Mapping Brain Connectivity, Mentorship, and the Dream Experiment

About ten years ago a group of neuroscientists led by Professor Ed Callaway realized they would soon be able to label all the presynaptic inputs to an individual neuron by using a modified rabies virus. The ability to map neural circuits and the direct synaptic inputs to individual neurons was unprecedented at the time and

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