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INSPIRE Webinars

This series showcases expert Inscopix miniscope users who will share their research success, advice and provide inspiration to novice and experienced circuit neuroscientists alike.

Michael Twery INSPIRE webinar
Aleisha Moore INSPIRE webinar
Lizzie Manning INSPIRE webinar
Jones Parker INSPIRE Webinar
Julien Courtin INSPIRE webinar
Jinxia Wan INSPIRE webinar
Shay Neufeld INSPIRE webinar
Takashi Kitamura
Daniel Castro
Jan Lui
Waylin Yu
Alon Rubin
Sabine Krabbe
Biafra Ahanonu
Andreas Klaus
Ashley Ingiosi
Gillian Matthews
Ann Kennedy


Join us in celebrating our colleagues and collaborators in Asia in this new webinar series.

New Horizons Webinar - Striatal mechanisms guiding reward, aversion, and decision-making
New Horizons Webinar - Toru Takumi, PhD - Social cells and circuits and the dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders
Ji Hu, PhD


Leading visionaries in the neuroscience community deliver webinars on their research and its impact on health and medicine.

Insights Webinar - Biafra Ahanonu PhD, Andrew Crowther, PhD
Insight Series 2023_Manuel Mameli v2
Insight Series 2022_Cyril Herry v2_1
Insight Series 2022_Richard Morris v2 (2)_0
Sandeep Robert Datta, MD, PhD
Michael Hasselmo, PhD
Kuan Hong Wang, PhD
Vikaas Sohal, MD, PhD
Insight Series_Edward Boyden v2_0
Insight Series_Zoe Donaldson (1)
Insight Series_Michael Bruchas
Insight Series_Amar Sahay v2 (1)
Insight Series_Richard Mooney v2
Thomas Kash: Amygdalar Neuromodulation of Behavior
Insight Series_David Anderson (2) (1)

Scientific Spotlight

Enjoy these informative and engaging webinars with our amazing customer community across the world.

EMEA German Webinar_Tatiana ZOOM Card

Products and Applications

Learn more about all of our latest and greatest offerings!

A novel blood vessel imaging strategy for the treatment of headache disorders
Explore Neural Circuits with Quartet: An Innovative Multi-Region Miniscope to Capture Diverse Calcium Dynamics in Free Behavior Webinar
IDEAS Platform with Kunal Ghosh and Shay Neufeld
Advanced Multilayered Solutions for Successful Calcium Imaging in Neuroscience Webinar
Multi-region Calcium Imaging in Freely Behaving Animals Webinar
Neurovascular Imaging & Analysis with Inscopix Miniscopes
NT Imaging Application Webinar-VEW RECORDING_ZOOM Card
Neurovascular Coupling Insights with the nVue System
Inscopix Rat Webinar
In Vivo Calcium imaging and Optogenetics in Freely Moving Animals

Community Resources

These webinars offer support to our dynamic family of users including students and postdocs.

Neurotherapeutics Series 2022_Webinar 1 v4_Industry Job Panel (1)
Copy of Becky & Qing Lunch 'n Learn (1)
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