Preclinical Drug Development

Accelerate and de-risk neurotherapeutic drug development with the Inscopix neural circuit platform Access Migraine Model Webinar
Pre-Clinical Drug Development

The time is now for a more predictive approach to preclinical neurotherapeutic drug development


Brain Disorders: A Challenge For Pharma Drug Development

Our Solution

The power of our neural circuit platform enables our clients to expedite and de-risk preclinical neurotherapeutic drug development with an objective, quantitative, data-driven approach that informs better decisions predictive of clinical success.

Power of Inscopix Neural Circuits Platform
Key Benefits of the Inscopix Platform

Key Benefits of the Inscopix Platform

  • DATA-DRIVEN: Provides a direct readout from therapeutically targeted circuits, cell types, and brain regions with a direct link to behavior in real time
  • MECHANISM OF ACTION: Establishes a clear link between circuit pathophysiology, target engagement, and behavioral efficacy endpoints
  • LONGITUDINAL STUDIES: Facilitates in-life measures enabling multi-drug, multi-dose, intra-subject experimental designs for acute and chronic drug testing

NEW! Introducing the Inscopix Data Exploration, Analysis, and Sharing (IDEAS) Platform

The IDEAS platform is a first-of-its-kind, enterprise-based turnkey solution for multimodal preclinical research data. It’s powerful database design and scalable compute infrastructure enables efficient management, analysis, and sharing of datasets, visualizations, and workflows.

  • STORE & ORGANIZE: Securely upload, annotate, organize, share, and store research data and results
  • PROCESS & ANALYZE: Interactively explore, control, and analyze data and create AI-workflows using prebuilt analysis and visualization tools to align data with behavior
  • SCALE & SHARE: Reproducibly perform high-throughput processing fast, leveraging full integration with powerful cloud computing resources
IDEAS Cloud Platform

Preclinical Applications of Inscopix Platforms

By targeting neural circuits, the Inscopix platform provides direct in vivo readouts of disease progression and therapeutic intervention empowering researchers to make critical go, no-go decisions and effective translation of preclinical data.

Pipeline for Preclinical Drug Development
Disease Mechanism and Novel Target Discovery

The Inscopix platform provides unprecedented insight into the mechanisms of disease that drive symptoms, the early signatures and progression of disease critical for early intervention, and the cell types and pathways in the brain that serve as the most promising targets for next-generation precision therapeutics.

For an example study on Chronic Pain, read Corder et al., 2019

Improved Pharmacodynamic Readouts

The platform directly facilitates efforts to profile and prioritize compounds in development.

Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD)
  • Target engagement
  • Dose optimization
  • Compound comparisons

For an example study on Zolpidem, read Berdyevva et al., 2019

Predictive Efficacy Assays

Over 50% of therapeutic candidates for brain disorders fail due to a lack of clinical efficacy that was not predicted during preclinical testing. The Inscopix platform enables measurement of disease-related circuit pathophysiology and the degree to which candidate therapies can correct aberrant and dysregulated circuits – a more sensitive and predictive assay of clinical efficacy than animal behavior alone or other standard measures.

For an example study on Parkison’s Disease, read Parker et al., 2018


Learn how Inscopix miniscope-based neural circuit profiling accelerates preclinical therapeutic assessment in freely behaving animals.

Learn how blood vessel imaging enables a novel assay for migraine therapeutic concept testing.

Learn how in vivo miniscope circuit-level imaging reveals functional biomarkers of antidepressant ketamine and guides preclinical efficacy testing.

Striatal circuit profiling of novel drugs in neurodegenerative disease
Assessing migraine compound efficacy with real-time in vivo vascular imaging
Cortical circuit profiling of rapid-acting antidepressants

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Johnson & Johnson, Janssen
Working with Inscopix and their support team was crucial to our ability to collect 12 TB of high-quality imaging data in three months – effectively boosting our understanding of in vivo circuit pharmacology!
Paolo Botta, PhD — Senior Research Scientist | Lundbeck

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Inscopix blends the best of cutting-edge neurotechnology, a fast-paced startup environment, and a world-class team of neuroscientists, data scientists, and engineers.

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Our expert team of PhD level Neuroscientists, Data Scientists, and Scientific Consultants work on design-to-data commercial collaborations for a wide range of novel applications.

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