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Inscopix Grants Assistance Program

Interested in using Inscopix technology in your next grant application? Apply now to talk to our expert scientific consultants, who can help you gain the competitive edge needed to procure funding for your next big neuroscience discovery.

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One place for your resources to decode the brain.


We are excited to bring you a new digital experience through Inscopix iQ!

iQ gives you access to scientific, technical and product resources integrated into a tailored journey for your scientific success.

  • Learning resources & product information
  • Software downloads
  • Self-serve support

Our Support Services

With cutting-edge neurotechnologies from Inscopix, it’s time to accelerate your research. From experimental design to data analysis, from grant to manuscript submissions, our world-class scientific support team stands ready to assist you every step of the way — because we care about great science, just like you.

A New Digital Experience Tailored to Your Research Needs

Inscopix iQ is a central location for all of your Inscopix circuit neuroscience needs. It provides easy access to numerous resources to nurture a multimodal and integrated circuit neuroscience learning journey tailored to your research.

Inscopix iQ

Expert Scientific Consultation at Your Institution

Our growing Field Scientific Consultant team of PhD level neuroscientists efficiently accelerates the success of your research projects with Inscopix technologies. Through continued site visits and online communication, they are a key resource providing you with expert technical and scientific guidance to catalyze experimental progress and stimulate the growth of your neuroscience network.

Your FSC is a reliable and readily available scientist that helps you achieve breakthroughs while maintaining high scientific quality and rigor.

Responsive, Dedicated, Personal Support Services

Our customer support professionals ​help users troubleshoot scientific and technical questions through in-person, video, phone, email, and chat channels and create convenient resources for self-service support.

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