GRIN Lenses & other Streamlined Workflow Solutions

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Grin Lens - Gradient Refractive Index Lenses

Workflow Simplified with GRIN Lenses

The Inscopix miniscope platforms enable cellular resolution imaging of calcium dynamics in freely behaving animals. Key to enabling miniscope imaging is expression of a fluorescence indicator using a viral – mediated genetically encoded calcium indicator and optical access to deep brain regions through implantation of a Gradient Refractive Index (GRIN) lens.

Our advanced workflow solutions include fully integrated GRIN lenses with virus to simplify the workflow to single step or individually optimized viruses and lenses to accelerate your circuit neuroscience research.

Application Kits

Achieve immediate imaging results with our fully packaged solution for calcium imaging, which includes reagents, lenses, and validated protocols for brain-region specific research.

  • Easy-to-use kits for specific brain regions
  • Optimized reagents, lenses and protocols for faster imaging success
  • Quality-controlled and validated in-vivo to ensure consistent and reproducible imaging data
Brain-Region Application Research Kits
ProView Integrated Grin Lens

ProView Integrated Lens

Use ProView Integrated Lenses in combination with our Ready-to-Image Viruses and simplify the surgical workflow for maximal imaging results.

  • Baseplate with attached Gradient Refractive Index (GRIN) lens enables efficient surgery.
  • Reduces number of repeated surgical procedures.
  • Enables successful and reproducible imaging across cohorts.

ProView™ 2P Lens

Two-photon (2P) GRIN Lenses with added cuff are specialized GRIN lenses optimized for 2P excitation microscopy. The customized cuff simplifies the surgical workflow for maximal imaging results. Inscopix and Bruker are proud to support customer applications for both miniscope and multiphoton microscopes.

  • Capture high-resolution imaging deep within biological tissues with minimal damage
  • Optimize surgical efficiency, minimizing time and complication during implantation
  • Preserve the optical quality and shield the lens with the attached cuff
Ready-to-Image (RTI) Virus - Immediate Use Aliquots

Ready-to-Image (RTI) Virus

The only commercially available diluted GcAMP6 virus that is functionally validated for all Inscopix miniscope applications.

  • GCaMP viruses optimized for several brain regions.
  • Ensures consistent and reproducible GCaMP6 expression.
  • Available in ready-to-inject aliquots for immediate use.

The Complete Solution with GRIN Lens

The Inscopix miniature microscope is the core of an end-to-end integrated platform that empowers researchers to catalyze ground-breaking neuroscience discoveries with speed and scientific rigor.

Our advanced surgical workflow solutions include fully packaged kits with optimized viruses, lenses and protocols to accelerate your circuit neuroscience research. Workflow Solutions From experimental design to data analysis, from grant to manuscript submissions, our world-class scientific support team stands ready to assist you every step of the way. Support nVoke System Measure and manipulate brain circuit dynamics with the nVoke by integrating in vivo cellular-resolution calcium imaging with simultaneous or sequential optogenetic manipulation. Software & Analysis We offer a comprehensive range of options to acquire and process raw calcium imaging videos with your Inscopix system purchase.

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