Software Solutions for Miniscope Calcium Imaging

We offer a comprehensive range of options to acquire and process raw calcium imaging videos with your Inscopix system purchase.

  • Easy to use acquisition platform to integrate multimodal inputs with automated control and precise timing
  • Intuitive interface streamlines data processing
  • Efficient management of large imaging datasets
Calcium Imaging Analysis

Capture live calcium dynamics in freely behaving animals

Our robust Inscopix Data Acquisition Software (IDAS) makes data acquisition easy to use.
  • Live stream and record Ca2+ dynamics, crop and compress to speed up data transfer
  • Digital focus enables multiplane imaging to maximize number of cells captured
  • Advanced configurations allow flexible control of optogenetic stimulation and external devices

Transform data to insights fast

Easily navigate calcium imaging data using Inscopix Data Processing Software (IDPS), our complete processing pipeline for miniscope imaging data.

  • Identify unique cells and extract Ca2+ traces easily using PCA/ICA or Inscopix CNMFe
  • Automatically filter identified cells by setting SNR and cell-size criteria
  • Perform longitudinal registration to identify the same cells over days, multiplane registration to identify unique cells in up to three planes or multicolor registration to identify co-localized cells across channels
Calcium Imaging Data Analysis
Import & preprocessing, motion correction, normalization, cell identification, event detection and export

The Complete Solution

Our end-to-end solutions enable you to manipulate and measure neural circuit dynamics during free behavior to help you make your next breakthrough!

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