In Vivo Calcium Imaging During Free Behavior

The Inscopix platform enables one-photon epifluorescence imaging of calcium dynamics, a correlate of neural activity.

  • Record multi-unit cellular activity recording in freely-behaving animals
  • Visualize the same field of view longitudinally
  • Study large-scale neural correlate of behavior
In Vivo Calcium Imaging

Calcium Dynamics Data Processing

Multicolor Dual Color Miniscope Data Processing

Streamline your miniscope data analysis with the Inscopix Data Processing Software (IDPS), our complete and validated pipeline with no required scripting expertise.

  • Identify unique cells and extract Ca2+ traces easily using PCA/ICA or Inscopix CNMFe
  • Automatically filter identified cells by setting SNR and cell-size criteria
  • Perform longitudinal registration to identify the same cells over days or multicolor registration to identify unique cells in up to three planes

Research Highlights

Pain is a complex experience! Listen to Dr. Greg Scherrer unpack his lab’s latest research dissecting the neural circuits involved in the more emotional aspects of the pain experience.
Podcast | May 26, 2015

Dr. Greg Scherrer
Kay Tye, PhD, Associate Professor, MIT, Salk Institute

Kay Tye of the Salk Institute discusses her lab’s recent work illuminating the neural circuits by which dopamine regulates aversion in freely behaving mice.
Video | April 4, 2019

The Complete Calcium Imaging Solution

Our end-to-end solutions enable you to manipulate and measure neural circuit dynamics during free behavior to help you make your next breakthrough!

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