Measure and Manipulate Brain Circuit Dynamics with nVoke System

The nVoke System integrates in vivo cellular-resolution calcium imaging with simultaneous or sequential optogenetic manipulation to causally link neural circuit activity with behavior.

  • Record cellular-resolution calcium imaging with optogenetic manipulation
  • Visualize and manipulate the same field of view longitudinally
  • Study the impact of discrete manipulation on behavior and its underlying network dynamics
nVoke System with Integrated Simultaneous Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics

nVoke System Applications

nVoke Integrated Calcium Imaging and Optogenetics System Applications
The nVoke system is exactly what we needed to link changes in activity of interneurons to calcium signaling in striatal output neurons. It enabled us to formulate a new hypothesis about how fast-spiking interneurons function to regulate motor behavior.
Anatol Kreitzer
Gladstone Institute, UCSF

Inscopix Data Processing

Multicolor Dual Color Miniscope Data Processing

Streamline your miniscope data analysis with the Inscopix Data Processing Software (IDPS), our complete and validated pipeline with no required scripting expertise.

  • Identify unique cells and extract Ca2+ traces easily using PCA/ICA or Inscopix CNMFe
  • Automatically filter identified cells by setting SNR and cell-size criteria
  • Perform longitudinal registration to identify the same cells over days or multicolor registration to identify co-localized cells across channels

The Complete Solution with nVoke System

Our end-to-end solutions enable you to manipulate and measure neural circuit dynamics during free behavior to help you make your next breakthrough!

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