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Publication Category: Basal forebrain

A neural circuit for male sexual behavior and rewardCell

Daniel W. Bayless et al.
Cell | August 11, 2023
A study conducted by Bayless et al. explores the neural basis of innate male sexual behavior and its rewarding nature. Using nVista for calcium imaging and fiber photometry, the researchers identified a developmentally...

Neural dynamics underlying birdsong practice and performanceNature_0_0

Jonnathan Singh Alvarado et al.
Nature | October 20, 2021
Musical and athletic skills are learned and maintained through intensive practice to enable precise and reliable performance for an audience. Consequently, understanding such complex behaviours requires insight into how...

A neuronal signature for monogamous reunionColor_dress_156

Jennifer L. Scribner et al.
PNAS | May 7, 2020
Pair-bond formation depends vitally on neuromodulatory signaling within the nucleus accumbens, but the neuronal dynamics underlying this behavior remain unclear. Using 1-photon in vivo Ca2+ imaging in monogamous prairie...

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