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Parabrachial Calca neurons drive nociplasticityCell Reports

Logan F. Condon et al.
Cell Reports | April 6, 2024
Pain that persists beyond the time required for tissue healing and pain that arises in the absence of tissue injury, collectively referred to as nociplastic pain, are poorly understood phenomena mediated by plasticity...

Parabrachial Calca neurons mediate second-order conditioningbioRxiv

Sekun Park et al.
bioRxiv | March 25, 2024
Learning to associate cues, both directly and indirectly, with biologically significant events is essential for survival. Second-order conditioning (SOC) involves forming an association between a previously reinforced...

Satb2 neurons in the parabrachial nucleus mediate taste perceptionNature Communications_1

Brooke C. Jarvie et al.
Nature Communications | January 11, 2021
The neural circuitry mediating taste has been mapped out from the periphery to the cortex, but genetic identity of taste-responsive neurons has remained elusive. Here, we describe a population of neurons in the...

Parabrachial nucleus circuit governs neuropathic pain-like behaviorNature Communications_0

Li Sun et al.
Nature Communications | November 25, 2020
The lateral parabrachial nucleus (LPBN) is known to relay noxious information to the amygdala for processing affective responses. However, it is unclear whether the LPBN actively processes neuropathic pain characterized...

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