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Publication Category: Social behaviors

A persistent prefrontal reference frame across time and task rulesNature Communications

Hannah Muysers et al.
Nature Communications | March 8, 2024
Behavior can be remarkably consistent, even over extended time periods, yet whether this is reflected in stable or ‘drifting’ neuronal responses to task features remains controversial. Here, we find a persistently...

Prefrontal dynamics and encoding of flexible rule switchingbioRxiv

Marco Nigro et al.
bioRiv | December 14, 2023
Behavioral flexibility, the ability to adjust behavioral strategies in response to changing environmental contingencies and internal demands, is fundamental to cognitive functions. Despite a large body of pharmacology...

Context-invariant socioemotional encoding by prefrontal ensemblesbioRxiv

Nicholas A. Frost et al.
bioRxiv | October 23, 2023
The prefrontal cortex plays a key role in social interactions, anxiety-related avoidance, and flexible context- dependent behaviors, raising the question: how do prefrontal neurons represent socioemotional information...

A neural circuit for male sexual behavior and rewardCell

Daniel W. Bayless et al.
Cell | August 11, 2023
A study conducted by Bayless et al. explores the neural basis of innate male sexual behavior and its rewarding nature. Using nVista for calcium imaging and fiber photometry, the researchers identified a developmentally...

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