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A neural substrate for negative affect dictates female parental behavior

Lecca & Mameli_Neuron_2022

Authors: Salvatore Lecca, Mauro Congiu, Léa Royon, Leonardo Restivo, Benoit Girard, Noemie Mazaré, Camilla Bellone, Ludovic Telley, Manuel Mameli
Publication: Neuron
Date: February 1, 2023
Link to article: https://www.cell.com/neuron/fulltext/S0896-6273(23)00027-2?_returnURL=https%3A/…


Parental behaviors secure the well-being of newborns and concomitantly limit negative affective states in adults, which emerge when coping with neonatal distress becomes challenging. Whether negative-affect-related neuronal circuits orchestrate parental actions is unknown. Here, we identify parental signatures in lateral habenula neurons receiving bed nucleus of stria terminalis innervation (BNSTLHb). We find that LHb neurons of virgin female mice increase their activity following pup distress vocalization and are necessary for pup-call-driven aversive behaviors. LHb activity rises during pup retrieval, a behavior worsened by LHb inactivation. Intersectional cell identification and transcriptional profiling associate BNSTLHb cells to parenting and outline a gene expression in female virgins similar to that in mothers but different from that in non-parental virgin male mice. Finally, tracking and manipulating BNSTLHb cell activity demonstrates their specificity for encoding negative affect and pup retrieval. Thus, a negative affect neural circuit processes newborn distress signals and may limit them by guiding female parenting.

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