Inscopix @ SfN 2014


This November, the Inscopix Team was out in full force at the 44th Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting held in Washington, D.C.

We unveiled a jam-packed schedule of activities and events, from a scientific workshop and a brand new booth, to the DECODE Grant Program Award Ceremony and Inscopix Community Reception. We all had a blast sharing Inscopix technology and discussing pathways to innovation with the global neuroscience community.


Our pre-meeting workshop, Next Generation Technologies for Large-Scale Recordings of Neural Activity, featured a two-part presentation. In Part I, Inscopix scientists discussed the current technologies available in the field to measure large scale neuronal activity, and then dived into details of using Inscopix’s nVista HD system to acquire calcium dynamics from awake behaving animals. In Part II, three current Inscopix Community members (Drs. Jones Parker, Yaniv Ziv and Garret Stuber) presented their work using the nVista HD system, sharing movies and data from their research projects and offering valuable insight into their experiences.


Out on the conference floor, members of the Science, Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Support teams were available to engage all the scientists who stopped by the Inscopix booth. This year, we debuted a brand new company theme and motto, Next Generation Neuroscience. The star of the show was the newest addition to our end-to-end neuroscience solution family, the nVista HD Version 2. We also introduced our latest optical component to enable in vivo multi-layer cortical brain imaging, the prism probe, which is slated for release in early 2015.

Next Generation Neuroscience
Next Generation Neuroscience

Community Reception & DECODE Award Ceremony

The annual Inscopix SfN Community Reception, a venue for current members of the Inscopix userbase to socialize during the conference, underscored the cooperative nature of our community and the atmosphere of excitement about pioneering new studies in neuroscience.

Next Generation Neuroscience

The DECODE (Deciphering the Neural Circuit Basis of Disease) Grant Program Awards Ceremony was the highlight of the evening. Our guest of honor Dr. Tom Insel, Director of NIMH, gave a rousing and inspirational speech. After praising the unique crowd-sourcing approach of the DECODE Grant Program for understanding brain disease, he invoked the importance of public-private partnerships to advance the goals of the President’s BRAIN Initiative, and emphasized the need for all neuroscience entities to come together in order to reach new understandings about the brain. Dr. Insel then presented the DECODE award certificates to the winners, all of whom proposed promising ways to identify neural circuit signatures within a rich variety of disease models and studies.

Next Generation Neuroscience

Next Generation Neuroscience

Next Generation Neuroscience

Inscopix was proud to represent the entrepreneurial neurotechnology sector at SfN this year, to showcase not only our cutting edge solutions and ideas for technological development, but also the diversity of our personnel and our collective vision for driving neuroscience research forward. We have a growing community of top-notch users, partners and collaborators, and are honored to have their support as we pioneer new ways to innovate within the realm of neuroscience.

Inscopix has many exciting plans for 2015, so be on the lookout for new developments from our team in the coming year!

Inscopix. Next Generation Neuroscience.

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