Splash! Into Neuroscience

Brain Awareness Week Splash! Into Neuroscience

Partnering at the Brain Awareness Week, Inscopix team members participated in Stanford Splash! to help spread awareness and interest about the brain.

Part of the joy of working at the front lines of an exciting field is sharing your passion for the subject with others. This year, as a Brain Awareness Week partner, Inscopix team members participated in Stanford Splash! on April 11th and 12th to help spread awareness and interest about the brain.

Stanford Splash! is a quarterly educational outreach event during which middle and high school kids from around the Bay Area learn about…well, pretty much everything! Volunteer teachers spanned Stanford college and grad students as well as some other community members, who all shared their love for a particular subject by creating their own course on it. Kids can learn about organic chemistry, astrophysics, coding, art and almost anything else you can think of, from foreign language to scuba diving!

Inscopix Science and Support team members presented hour-long lectures to ~130 students, in a course titled “Lies Our Brains Tell Us: Neuroscience and Sensory Perception.” We covered the basic human senses, from sight to taste, and described the basic neuroanatomy of how we process distinct signals in each modality.


Pulling examples from recent events and multimedia resources, we examined the automatic assumptions that our brains make every day through illusions, which are an excellent way to pull back the curtain on how our brains process different types of information. The kids asked excellent questions through the lectures, and hopefully gained new insights into their own perceptions. Our goal is always to impart a new appreciation of and interest in the brain!

As a neurotechnology company with roots at Stanford University, Inscopix was pleased to contribute back to the community at Stanford Splash!, and look forward to the next opportunity to inspire the next generation of brainy thinkers!

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