Dopamine enhances signal-to-noise ratio in cortical-brainstem encoding of aversive stimuli

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in November 2018

Every month we pick the must-read research papers of relevance to the circuit neuroscience community. In November, there was again an impressive plethora of papers to peruse across journals, and we highlight 11 of them here. From dopamine circuits in aversion to amygdala → hippocampus circuits in mood, happy reading! 1. Dopamine enhances signal-to-noise ratio

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Coffee Break with Jessica Jimenez

How does preclinical research translate to therapeutic treatments of neuropsychiatric disorders? Dr. Jessica Jimenez is a physician-scientist who is working towards bridging the gap between the laboratory and the clinic. To do so, Jessica received her PhD in 2017 and is working towards her MD, expected May 2020. Her research in Rene Hen’s Lab at

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Kafui Dzirasa, PhD, MD: The Neuroscience of Mental Health

Welcome to the Inscopix podcast series! Here we talk about the latest in neuroscience and neurotechnology with leaders in the field. I’m your host Dr. Jami Milton, and I’m super honored to have interviewed Dr. Kafui Dzirasa. He’s an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Neurobiology and Biomedical Engineering at the Duke University School

Calcitonin-gene-related peptide neurons in the parabrachial nucleus

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in October 2018

October brought enough neural circuit papers to scare you away from reading them all, so at least peruse our list to see which ones are your must reads. 1. Parabrachial CGRP Neurons Establish and Sustain Aversive Taste Memories by Jane Y. Chen by Carlos A. Campos, Brooke C. Jarvie, Richard D. Palmiter. Neuron. They reveal

Drug-seeking models and neural imaging

Coffee Break with Dr. Ben Saunders

During a lifetime, most individuals will engage in potentially addictive behaviors– from consuming drugs, such as alcohol or nicotine, to gambling. However, only a portion of people will develop an addiction and a huge question in neuroscience is, why? What makes those people different? Dr. Ben Saunders is an Assistant Professor at the University of

Dr. Lindsay Schwarz an Assistant Member at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Coffee Break with Dr. Lindsay Schwarz

We are thrilled to announce Inscopix Coffee Break! This new series features brief conversations with scientists about life in and outside of the lab. Our goal is to highlight the people behind the science across a wide range of positions– from established professors to undergraduate researchers! We will also introduce you to our talented team

Mind control pain sensitivity

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in September 2018

Here are the original research articles published in September 2018 that make our must-read list from across journals. We hope this list will help guide discovery of papers relevant to the neural circuit research community. 1. Touch and tactile neuropathic pain sensitivity are set by corticospinal projections by Yuanyuan Liu, Alban Latremoliere, Xinjian Li, Zicong

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Podcast: Vivienne Ming on Augmented Intelligence & Construct Purpose

What is your life purpose? If you had only 5-6 years left to live, what would you do? These are questions Vivienne Ming, PhD, theoretical neuroscientist and entrepreneur, asks in her inspirational Inscopix podcast. We’re thrilled to have captured Vivienne’s thoughts on artificial and augmented intelligence, and how her unique path and choices have shaped

Neuroscience Conference sfn 2018 hotels

5 Tips for Acing the Society for Neuroscience Conference

This year’s hottest neuroscience event is quickly approaching. The Annual Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Conference is the largest meeting of brain scientists, enthusiasts, and vendors. Attracting over 30,000 people a year and spanning 5 days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the sea of posters, seminars, and SFN satellite events 2018. Here are

Calcium Transient Dynamics of Neural Ensembles in the Primary Motor Cortex of Naturally Behaving Monkeys

Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in August 2018

There were so many interesting neuroscience papers published in August relevant to neural circuits that curation across journals was extra challenging. Here you go! 1. Calcium Transient Dynamics of Neural Ensembles in the Primary Motor Cortex of Naturally Behaving Monkeys by Takahiro Kondo, Risa Saito, Masaki Otaka, Kimika Yoshino-Saito, Akihiro Yamanaka, Tetsuo Yamamori, Akiya Watakabe,

A laboratory or research program

Setting Up for Successful Science in Graduate School

So you think you want to do a PhD. Is it because you love research and discovery? Or perhaps you’re still not sure what career you want next? Or maybe your dream is to become a professor. Whatever your motivation is, the decision to pursue a graduate degree is one of the biggest choices of

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