Podcast: Vivienne Ming on Augmented Intelligence & Construct Purpose

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What is your life purpose? If you had only 5-6 years left to live, what would you do? These are questions Vivienne Ming, PhD, theoretical neuroscientist and entrepreneur, asks in her inspirational Inscopix podcast. We’re thrilled to have captured Vivienne’s thoughts on artificial and augmented intelligence, and how her unique path and choices have shaped her as a scientist-turned entrepreneur.

Now her mad science is applied toward what she describes as her life purpose, which was initially stated as making the lives of others better, and has blossomed into Socos Labs, an independent think tank focusing on creating human-centered policies around work, education, and life. Vivienne clearly describes a bold vision for how artificial intelligence can make our lives better. She’s working on several books, which I’m sure many people are looking forward to seeing published. She also has given a couple of TED talks here and here.

Here are some topics and time codes:

0:00 Introduction

1:14 Vivienne’s vision for augmented intelligence

12:55 How Vivienne’s focus on social good has affected her life

14:43 Construct Purpose

34:00 Socos Labs and entrepreneurship for social good

Happy Listening!

Jami and Pushkar

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