Introducing nVista Essential: An agile miniscope package for the evolving academic landscape

nVista Essential - An agile miniscope package for the evolving academic landscape

As a neuroscientist who leads a commercial organization, my mission and motivation come from seeing how our customers use Inscopix technology to address major questions in their labs. But each day, my team and I engage with Principal Investigators who are pressed by tightening budgets and must navigate a seemingly growing list of restrictions on how their awarded funds can be spent. This is a reality both domestically and abroad, particularly regarding project grants that have limited space for equipment investment — even if that methodology is key to the proposal and relied upon for one or more grant aims.

With changing research, customers, and funding opportunities, Inscopix has adapted our product offerings to match broader needs by releasing specialized applications and new modular platforms. While these newest platforms create flexibility to adjust your imaging capabilities via hardware add-ons, we also sought to create more flexibility for labs that wish to acquire our original miniscope. Today, this original nVista platform has been part of over 250 published studies and supports more than 1,000 ongoing projects worldwide.

Through relentless workflow mapping, R&D to eliminate common failure points, and clear online documentation in our iQ knowledgebase, we have noticed that nVista experiments are now approachable by trainees and lab staff at all experience levels. Over the past five years, key metrics such as the time to first image and time to publication have improved significantly. Therefore, we believe it is the right time to change the way we package our nVista miniscope. For the first time, we are introducing a customizable option that allows you to build your own package of software and support, reducing the budget footprint of capital equipment.

Investing in nVista Essential comes with exceptional support from our world-class team, with the option for à la carte support sessions that can be utilized throughout your project grant period. And, if future projects require a second channel for imaging or optogenetics, our unique equipment upgrade paths bring you these updated functionalities at the right time.

If you feel you have compromised on data quality or reliability due to limited funds for equipment, or if you are experiencing growing challenges and time delays with your trainees’ projects, let’s have a conversation.

Find out more today and accelerate your publications with nVista Essential.

Sarah MacNamee, Ph.D.

Sarah MacNamee, our Senior Director of Commercial Operations in the Inscopix division of Bruker, brings a wealth of expertise to the table with her Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Driven by a passion for innovation and the ability to forge strong partnerships with industry and academia, Sarah is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience with innovative technologies that will revolutionize treatments in the fields of neurology and psychiatry.

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