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Publication Category: Addiction and reward

A neural circuit for male sexual behavior and rewardCell

Daniel W. Bayless et al.
Cell | August 11, 2023
A study conducted by Bayless et al. explores the neural basis of innate male sexual behavior and its rewarding nature. Using nVista for calcium imaging and fiber photometry, the researchers identified a developmentally...

Dopamine error signal to actively cope with lack of expected rewardsDopamine error signal to actively cope with lack of expected rewards

Science Advances | March 10, 2023
Rewards are often elusive and uncertain, requiring persistent effort to obtain. But how do we continue pursuing uncertain rewards, even when our expectations are not met? It is crucial to develop the ability to actively...

A neural substrate of sex-dependent modulation of motivationCox_2023_figure snip

Julia Cox et al.
Nature Neuroscience | February 16, 2023
While there is emerging evidence of sex differences in decision-making behavior, the neural substrates that underlie such differences remain largely unknown. Here we demonstrate that in mice performing a value-based...

A neuronal mechanism for motivational control of behaviorScience

Julien Courtin et al.
Science | January 7, 2022
Acting to achieve goals depends on the ability to motivate specific behaviors based on their predicted consequences given an individual’s internal state. However, the underlying neuronal mechanisms that encode and...

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