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Publication Category: Fear and anxiety

A role for the cerebellum in motor-triggered alleviation of anxietyNeuron

Xiao-Yang Zhang et al.
Neuron | April 3, 2024
Physical exercise is known to reduce anxiety, but the underlying brain mechanisms remain unclear. Here, we explore a hypothalamo-cerebello-amygdalar circuit that may mediate motor-dependent alleviation of anxiety. This...

A distinct cortical code for socially learned threatNature

Shana E. Silverstein et al.
Nature | February 7, 2024
Animals can learn about sources of danger while minimizing their own risk by observing how others respond to threats. However, the distinct neural mechanisms by which threats are learned through social observation...

Persistent representation of the environment in the hippocampusCell Reports

Kyogo S. Kobayashi et al.
Cell Reports | January 11, 2023
In the hippocampus, environmental changes elicit rearrangement of active neuronal ensembles or remapping of place cells. However, it remains elusive how the brain ensures a consistent representation of a certain...

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