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Publication Category: Rhythms and sleep

A Role for Astroglial Calcium in Mammalian Sleep and Sleep RegulationResearch and Publication

Ashley M. Ingiosi et al.
Current Biology | September 24, 2020
Mammalian sleep expression and regulation have historically been thought to reflect the activity of neurons. Changes in other brain cells (glia) across the sleep-wake cycle and their role in sleep regulation are...

Control of Non-REM Sleep by Midbrain Neurotensinergic NeuronsColor_dress_138

Peng Zhong et al.
Neuron | September 30, 2019
The periaqueductal gray (PAG) in the midbrain is known to coordinate behavioral and autonomic responses to threat and injury through its descending projections to the brainstem. Here, we show that neurotensin...

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