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Hunger logicColor_dress_47

et al.
Nature Neuroscience | May 26, 2015
Activation of AgRP-expressing ‘hunger’ neurons promotes robust feeding. Recent studies reveal the valence, dynamics and neural circuits engaged by AgRP neurons.

Engineering approaches to illuminating brain structure and dynamicsColor_dress_52

Karl Deisseroth et al.
Neuron | October 30, 2013
Historical milestones in neuroscience have come in diverse forms, ranging from the resolution of specific biological mysteries via creative experimentation to broad technological advances allowing neuroscientists to ask...

Long-term dynamics of CA1 hippocampal place codesColor_dress_49

Yaniv Ziv et al.
Nature Neuroscience | February 10, 2013
Using Ca2+ imaging in freely behaving mice that repeatedly explored a familiar environment, we tracked thousands of CA1 pyramidal cells’ place fields over weeks. Place coding was dynamic, as each day the ensemble...

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