Inscopix at SfN 2015 – Highlights

Inscopix at SfN 2015

Inscopix had an exciting week at the 45th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago. Here is a brief summary of our events and activities at the meeting.

Satellite Symposium

Next Generation Neuroscience

Our heavily attended pre-meeting symposium, “Brain, Camera, Action!” featured keynote talks by Inscopix Community members, Dr. Juan Song (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Dr. Pascal Bonaventure (Johnson & Johnson), and Dr. Howard Eichenbaum (Boston University). The speakers presented their research, highlighting how the nVista technology empowers new insights into the neural circuit basis of brain function. The symposium concluded with a presentation by Inscopix scientists who conducted a comprehensive overview of the nVista workflow.

Next Generation Neuroscience

Booth 1851

At the exhibit hall, we showcased our nVista technology for imaging large-scale Ca2+ dynamics during natural behavior, and Mosaic, our data analytics software. Our cutting edge technology has enabled 6 scientific publications in 2015 alone, including in high-impact journals like Nature, Cell, and Neuron. Inscopix also launched its latest product, ProViewTM Implant Kit, which is designed to boost surgical efficiency.

Community Reception and Launch of “Thousand Neurons” Program

Next Generation Neuroscience

At the Inscopix community reception, we celebrated the achievements of our users, and our recognition as a Technology Pioneer (2015) by the World Economic Forum. Addressing the attendees, Kunal Ghosh, Ph.D., CEO of Inscopix highlighted the need for collaboration between industry and academia to revolutionize brain science and to pave the way for a new era of therapies for brain disorders. He also launched a new technology-as-a-service initiative called “Thousand Neurons” which will allow neuroscientists to economically scale up their nVista research through a subscription plan.

Next Generation Neuroscience

Poster Session

Several Inscopix community members presented their research using our nVista imaging technology to dissect neural circuits in brain function. Inscopix scientist, Srishti Gulati, also presented a poster titled “Multilayer cortical imaging in freely behaving animals”. Her poster detailed the use of nVista technology along with prism probes to investigate information flow across neocortical layers during learning and memory.

The SfN meeting gave us an opportunity to interact with the global neuroscience community. We had a wonderful experience and look forward to making many more contributions to drive neuroscience research forward.

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