A Deeper Look Into the Brain

Deeper Look Into the Brain & Activities of Brain Cells

This week scientists from industry and academia are convening at our Mountain View headquarters from around the world to learn more about the Inscopix nVista platform. The nVista platform is built around our proprietary miniature microscope that can be mounted on the head of an animal subject to monitor the activities of brain cells in real time. At our ACCELERATE workshop, we’re training the scientists on all the ins and outs of nVista, from end to end, including hands-on lab time.

While chatting with the scientists, it was clear that they were interested in nVista imaging for two main reasons: 1) they wanted to measure neuronal activity in freely behaving subjects, and 2) the behavior they study is mediated by areas buried deep in the brain. For example, one scientist from Michigan talked to me about the function of the hypothalamus and visual cortex in sleep, a woefully understudied area. Another scientist from France talked about the role of the hypothalamus in thyroid function, an equally underserved yet important area of study. We chatted about how both sleep and thyroid function can have fundamental impacts on our emotional regulation, energy levels, and so much more. Both scientist said the nVista platform provided them with an unprecedented opportunity to measure neuronal activity in the active brain.

It’s satisfying to hear their enthusiasm, and is an honor to help them achieve the best results along their journey of groundbreaking discoveries in deep brain areas.

For more, check out our new application highlight on deep brain imaging.

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