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Inscopix Support for PIs Submitting BRAIN Initiative RO1 Grant: Targeted BRAIN Circuits (RFA-NS-17-014)

The Funding Opportunity: The BRAIN Initiative’s RO1 funding opportunity (Deadline: March 8, 2017) entitled “Targeted BRAIN Circuits Projects, solicits applications for research projects using integrated approaches to “understand how circuit activity gives rise to mental experience and behavior.” Submitted proposals should aim to improve the understanding of neural circuits by, “systematically controlling stimuli and/or behavior

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The Inscopix DECODE Summit Videos are Open!

The DECODE Summit videos feature thought leaders discussing scientific, technological and ecosystem challenges facing the scientific community, industry, nonprofits, and government. In a prior blog post, we promised to make the videos open, and I’m happy to say they are now available! To watch all 11 videos, go here. As explained before, the DECODE Summit

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Inscopix Makes 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ List

We are so proud to announce that Inscopix has been named to the 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ List! The brain needs champions, and our inclusion in this year’s list is a big win for neuroscience and the human brain. Released today, the Deloitte Fast Technology 500™ recognizes the most innovative and fastest-growing North American

Integrated Optogenetics and Calcium Imaging in One Tiny Microscope

Integrated Optogenetics and Calcium Imaging in One Tiny Microscope, nVoke

It’s been an exciting Neuroscience 2016. The community has presented over 30 talks and posters featuring Inscopix technology, and there are now over 20 publications. We’re so proud of the advances we’ve made together. We’re constantly collaborating with researchers to put forward cutting-edge technology so that we can bring tour-de-force circuit-level investigations of brain function

White House Frontiers Conference

On the Road to The White House Frontiers Conference

Three years ago, President Obama announced the White House BRAIN Initiative. It was a moment I’ll never forget. In an instant, the President of the United States made our very existence a national priority. Tomorrow, I have the honor and pleasure of attending the White House Frontiers Conference at Carnegie Mellon, a special, invitation-only ‘meeting

Neural Circuits of Social Memory

Neural Circuits of Social Memory

You know that situation when you run into someone from your past, but it takes a while to register how you know them? I had this experience a couple of weeks ago at the DECODE Summit, an ambitious event hosted by Inscopix that brought together stakeholders across the neuroscience community, from academia, government, non-profits, industry,

Brain Mapping

[News Roundup] The Beginning of A New Chapter in Brain Mapping

The last few weeks have been really great for Inscopix, and we’re feeling incredibly grateful! The recent close of a $10M Series A round led by Playground Global marks the close of a successful first chapter in the Inscopix story and the beginning of a second chapter. We’re thrilled about this new chapter, and proud

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Large Scale Neural Circuit Dynamics Underlying Learning and Memory

Of all the amazing feats our brains perform, our ability to form, store, and retrieve memories stands out as one of the most fascinating, and challenging areas of neuroscience study. Despite the complexity, scientists have made significant inroads into understanding how many of the molecular and synaptic pieces of the puzzle fit together. However, we

Hongkui Zeng, Ph.D.

Inscopix Expands Scientific Advisory Board with Appointment of Leading Neuroscientists

Mountain View, CA, August 9, 2016/– Inscopix, Inc., announced the addition of four distinguished brain research experts, Botond Roska (FMI), Hongkui Zeng (AIBS), Scott Sternson (Janelia), and Surya Ganguli (Stanford), to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The new members will join Eric Nestler (Mt. Sinai) and Guoping Feng (MIT). The SAB will work closely with

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