On the Road to The White House Frontiers Conference

White House Frontiers Conference

Three years ago, President Obama announced the White House BRAIN Initiative. It was a moment I’ll never forget. In an instant, the President of the United States made our very existence a national priority.

Tomorrow, I have the honor and pleasure of attending the White House Frontiers Conference at Carnegie Mellon, a special, invitation-only ‘meeting of the minds’ highlighting innovation in America and the Administration’s achievements in brain research, artificial intelligence, personal medicine and cleantech.

The conference provides an incredible opportunity to survey the innovation landscape and reflect upon the remarkable progress being made in healthcare and medicine today, as well as explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The single most important 21st Century Grand Challenge issued by the Administration, brain science will of course play an important role in the conference. As Founder and CEO of Inscopix, a private sector partner of the BRAIN Initiative and a developer of tools to map the brain in real-time, I’m looking forward to connecting with leaders and stakeholders from academia, industry, government and beyond to discuss how far we’ve come and what’s in store. In particular, I’m excited to discuss the needs of today’s brain researchers and how dynamic, entrepreneurial ventures like Inscopix can help meet them.

Here at Inscopix, we aim to help enable a revolution in brain science — one that catalyzes progress towards understanding the brain in both health and disease, and helps to spawn the brain tools and devices industry needed to get there.

I’m pleased to say that President Obama will be joining myself and fellow attendees to discuss the many health breakthroughs on the horizon, including those being driven by the President’s BRAIN Initiative.

You can join us too by following my thoughts on the Inscopix Twitter. I’ll be engaging with conference attendees, speakers, and taking pictures at the event. If you have questions about the event’s talks, panels, or other event content – just ask @Inscopix!

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