Integrated Optogenetics and Calcium Imaging in One Tiny Microscope, nVoke

Integrated Optogenetics and Calcium Imaging in One Tiny Microscope

It’s been an exciting Neuroscience 2016. The community has presented over 30 talks and posters featuring Inscopix technology, and there are now over 20 publications. We’re so proud of the advances we’ve made together. We’re constantly collaborating with researchers to put forward cutting-edge technology so that we can bring tour-de-force circuit-level investigations of brain function and behavior within reach of all neuroscientists. Our collaborations toward the common goal of catalyzing scientific breakthroughs allow us to innovate for the benefit of the neuroscience ecosystem. It’s exactly because of this collaborative effort we’re able to announce the release of a new product, nVoke, into early access. Read today’s press release here. Watch a video about nVoke here.

Combined optogenetics and calcium imaging gives you the power to test novel hypotheses about the causal links between neural activity, and emergent brain function and behavior. As our CEO Kunal Gosh explains, “nVoke builds on our flagship nVista platform for large-scale calcium imaging in freely behaving subjects by now integrating optogenetic manipulation of circuit activity with calcium imaging. As such, nVoke enables the testing of causality, a key requirement in understanding and mapping neural circuits.” By controlling neural activity in specific cell types while measuring both neural activity and active behavior at the same time, neuroscientists can dissect the neural circuit basis of behavior in ways that were previously impossible to do while a subject freely behaves. Moreover, this new technology potentially opens the doors to all-optical therapeutics targeting specific neural circuits in brain diseases such as epilepsy.

Inscopix first pushed the frontiers of neuroscience with its inaugural product, nVista, launched in 2013, providing neuroscience laboratories with the first end-to-end solution for visualizing large-scale neural circuit dynamics in freely behaving subjects. nVista is now being used by over 150 labs worldwide, and has transformed the way neuroscientists understand neural coding and the dynamics underlying complex behaviors such as executive functions, motivational states, learning and memory.

Again, to learn more about early access to nVoke, visit the product page here, watch the video here, and read the press release here. We’re incredibly grateful to our community, and are thrilled to be able to bring this new state-of-the-art offering to neuroscientists.

We hope you continue to have a productive Neuroscience 2016!

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