Interview with Autism Research Expert Dr. Geraldine Dawson About Advocacy, Neural Circuits and Autism

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We proudly announce the inaugural video of a new interview series: “Neurovox: Conversations with the Neuroscience Community.” Leveraging our unique position at the intersection of neuroscience, industry and entrepreneurship, we take a great interest in connecting with and advocating for the neuroscience community. To support open science, we interview members of the neuroscience community, including researchers, scientists, and those who work in disease foundations and industry, and make their answers available to the public. In the inaugural video, we interview autism research expert Geraldine Dawson, PhD. Dr. Dawson is the Director for Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development. You can watch her video interview here.

This new series is special in that we ask neuroscientists questions that go beyond their particular area of research, so that the community and the public can grok the state of neuroscience and where the field is headed. A common thread emerging thus far is that neuroscience is undergoing a revolution that’s currently driven by technology. Neuroscientists are able to ask and test questions that were previously out of reach even 5 or 10 years ago.

Inscopix is a mission-driven technology company, and our primary goal is to accelerate the pace of neuroscientific discovery by enabling innovative research into the neural circuits mediating behavior. We provide researchers with fully vetted plug-and-play technology solutions so that they can move along the curve of discovery as quickly as possible. We also interview neuroscientists as part of our commitment to giving back to the community, and educating the public. You can watch prior interviews in our “Community Profiles” series. Stay tuned for more videos to come!

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