Must-Read Neural Circuit Papers in May 2017

Jami L. Milton

We perused the journals for neural circuit research papers so all you have to do is click on the link below, if a paper interests you. The month of May started out slow for neural circuit papers, but ended up with a plethora of papers to read ranging from a circuit for sleep, memory, vocal learning, eating, social bonding, attention and more. Here’s our list of 10 papers from May, in no particular order. Enjoy the amazing science!

1. Identification of preoptic sleep neurons using retrograde labelling and gene profiling by Shinjae Chung, Franz Weber, Peng Zhong, Chan Lek Tan, Thuc Nghi Nguyen, Kevin T. Beier, Nikolai Hormann, Wei-Cheng Chang, Zhe Zhang, Johnny Phong Do, Shenqin Yao, Michael J. Krashes, Bosilijka Tasic, Ali Cetin, Hongkui Zeng, Zachary A. Knight, Liqun Luo & Yang Dan. Nature.

2. Identification of a motor-to-auditory pathway important for vocal learning by Todd F Roberts, Erin Hisey, Masashi Tanaka,Matthew G Kearney, Gaurav Chattree, Cindy F Yang,Nirao M Shah & Richard Mooney. Nature Neuroscience.

Read more here & here.

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