Podcast with Theoretical Neuroscientist Surya Ganguli

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We’ve launched a new podcast series in which we interview leading scientists about the latest in neuroscience and neurotechnology. In our inaugural podcast, I had the great fortune of interviewing the brilliant Surya Ganguli, PhD, theoretical neuroscientist from Stanford University. In this fast-paced and science-packed interview, Surya gives his motivation for studying theoretical neuroscience, and what it teaches us about the brain. We talk about neural circuits, and Surya breaks down why it’s important to have a quantitative understanding of the complexity of behavior. The brain transcends language, requiring the rigor and precision of mathematics to be understood. We talk further in the first half about defining functional cell types.

In the second half of the podcast, Surya considers the massive datasets currently being generated, and what machine learning has taught us about the brain. Finally he tells us about the efforts underway in the International Brain Laboratory.

For a fun neuroscience ride, listen here:

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