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Publication Category: Mouse

Parabrachial Calca neurons drive nociplasticityCell Reports

Logan F. Condon et al.
Cell Reports | April 6, 2024
Pain that persists beyond the time required for tissue healing and pain that arises in the absence of tissue injury, collectively referred to as nociplastic pain, are poorly understood phenomena mediated by plasticity...

A role for the cerebellum in motor-triggered alleviation of anxietyNeuron

Xiao-Yang Zhang et al.
Neuron | April 3, 2024
Physical exercise is known to reduce anxiety, but the underlying brain mechanisms remain unclear. Here, we explore a hypothalamo-cerebello-amygdalar circuit that may mediate motor-dependent alleviation of anxiety. This...

Parabrachial Calca neurons mediate second-order conditioningbioRxiv

Sekun Park et al.
bioRxiv | March 25, 2024
Learning to associate cues, both directly and indirectly, with biologically significant events is essential for survival. Second-order conditioning (SOC) involves forming an association between a previously reinforced...

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