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Publication Category: System

Parabrachial Calca neurons mediate second-order conditioningbioRxiv

Sekun Park et al.
bioRxiv | March 25, 2024
Learning to associate cues, both directly and indirectly, with biologically significant events is essential for survival. Second-order conditioning (SOC) involves forming an association between a previously reinforced...

A persistent prefrontal reference frame across time and task rulesNature Communications

Hannah Muysers et al.
Nature Communications | March 8, 2024
Behavior can be remarkably consistent, even over extended time periods, yet whether this is reflected in stable or ‘drifting’ neuronal responses to task features remains controversial. Here, we find a persistently...

A distinct cortical code for socially learned threatNature

Shana E. Silverstein et al.
Nature | February 7, 2024
Animals can learn about sources of danger while minimizing their own risk by observing how others respond to threats. However, the distinct neural mechanisms by which threats are learned through social observation...

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