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Large-scale fluorescence calcium-imaging methods for studies of long-term memory in behaving mammals


Authors: Pablo Jercog, Thomas Rogerson and Mark J. Schnitzer
Publication: Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives In Biology
Date: April 5, 2016
Link to article: https://media.inscopix.com/cs/c/?cta_guid=06826bcb-9e8a-4ca5-9d72-2ca0d4293d7f&…


During long-term memory formation, cellular and molecular processes reshape how individual neurons respond to specific patterns of synaptic input. It remains poorly understood how such changes impact information processing across networks of mammalian neurons. To observe how networks encode, store, and retrieve information, neuroscientists must track the dynamics of large ensembles of individual cells in behaving animals, over timescales commensurate with long-term memory.

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