The Inscopix DECODE Summit Videos are Open!

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The DECODE Summit videos feature thought leaders discussing scientific, technological and ecosystem challenges facing the scientific community, industry, nonprofits, and government. In a prior blog post, we promised to make the videos open, and I’m happy to say they are now available! To watch all 11 videos, go here.

As explained before, the DECODE Summit was a way for Inscopix to support the scientific community by inviting multiple stakeholders to discuss and offer solutions for the biggest challenges facing scientific progress, and especially for translating neural circuit research into CNS therapeutics. Below, is a taste of what’s in each of the 11 videos, plus links that will take you directly to each video:

  1. Inscopix CEO Kunal Ghosh addresses the DECODE Summit convened by @Inscopix. The topics focus on how we can unlock an understanding of neural circuits and brain diseases. #BRAINI
  2. Mark Schnitzer (Scientific Co-founder of Inscopix) says we need to ask new questions. Let data tell us what’s important. #neuralcircuits #disease
  3. Keynote panel on the value of understanding neural circuits and brain disease moderated by Hemai Parthasarathy, with Cori Bargmann, Anirvan Ghosh, Tim Denison, & Guoping Feng.
  4. Scientific presentation by Garret Stuber @gstuber @UNC: on neural circuits & promise of cell-type specific therapy for anxiety
  5. Botond Roska (FMI) talk on connecting nystagmus to a specific retinal cell type & #neuralcircuits
  6. Presentation by Helen Mayberg on tuning #depression #neuralcircuits with DBS @EmoryUniversity
  7. Breakout Session 1 on S&T challenges for advancing disease mechanisms & CNS therapeutic development
  8. Keynote Panel 2 moderated by Katja Brose @NeuroCellPress, with Phillip Alvelda @alvelda @DARPA David Bredt @JNJNews, Kunal Ghosh, Bill Brody, and Jeff Borenstein @BBRFoundation
  9. Breakout session 2: multistakeholder projects & solutions for disease mechanisms & CNS therapeutic development
  10. Capstone speech by Dr. Tom Insel (Verily, former @NIMHgov director) summarizing #DECODESummit #BRAINI
  11. Greg Dunn @GDunnArt talks about his @NSF funded, most complex artistic rendition of human brain in world. #DECODESummit

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